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plastic straw extruder

The machine composed of plastic extruder, cooling unit, hual-off device .etc .It can produce different specifications of straw such as single color, double color, three color, spiral stripes and straight stripes.
The product supplied by the machine used in a wide range in industrial filed. For example´╝Ü Drinking straw in food industry, straws in medical area .etc
The production speed based with the specifications of straw like length, thickness, diameter .etc
Product specification
Diameter: 2-14mm
Thickness of straw: 0.05-1mm
Parameter of main screw: 50mm diameter/26:1
Parameter of sub-screw: 1x25mm/20:1      2x25mm/20:1
Extruder capability: 25-35kg/hour
Main motor:7.5kw  380v
Sub motor:0.75kw x1     0.75kw x 2
Haul-off motor:0.75kw x 1
Cutting motor: 0.75kw x 1
Length of cooling container: 3400mm
Other specifications are adjustable.
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