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Bamboo Skewer stick Making Machine


Bamboo skewer producing machine
Name                                               Power    Weight    Outline dimension
                                                            (kw)      (kg)           (m)          
1.sawing machine (bamboo)              1.5       60         1.0×0.6×1.2
usage: sawed 400mm*160T,used for feeding and cutting bamboo, better length is 1-1.2m
2. Bamboo dissection machine           4.0       800        3.3×0.8×1.1
usage: dissection cutter head(9-18heads)total 10,put the finished bamboo into the suit cutter head according to the size and polish them into bamboo flakes, speed of feeding is 57m/min
3. fix thick and definitely wide flaker       2.2×3      500      1.6×0.7×1.2
Usage: put the polished bamboo flakes into this machine and make it
to be square and straight every side, speed of feeding is 87m/min
4. flaker                                         1.5       130         0.7×0.7×1.2
Usage: put some of the flakes into this machine and flake, speed of feeding is 87m/min
5. Bamboo filament shaping machine       3.0×2    400      1.0×0.7×1.2
usage: molding the filament ,speed of feeding is 87m/min
6. Bamboo filament set-size machine        0.75      200      1.5×0.8×1.0
Usage: set the filament length
7. Polishing machine                           2.2       400       2.6×1.1×1.1
Usage: polish the raw stick after the set-size
8.Bamboo filament mincing machine          2.2x2   500     1.4x0.8x1.0
Usage :mincing the stick                     1.1
9.  Multi-sharpen machine                    0.37      100       0.8×0.6×1.1
Usage: Sharpen the cutter and saw
***This production line is composed of these 9 machines above, which are able to produce stick.And the total output is 400,000 pieces/8hrs, this production need about 4 person to operate.
Quotation: USD9980.00/SET FOB NINGBO CHINA









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